University Library of UMB

Library collections

The University Library holds over 278 000 documents of domestic and foreign provenance from humanities, social, and natural sciences, including:

  • scientific monographs, professional publications, surveys, handbooks, statistical yearbooks,
  • language and explanatory dictionaries, encyclopedias,
  • publications of MBU, scientific and research works, proceedings and papers,
  • electronic books,
  • dissertations and habilitation theses, final works of MBU graduate students,
  • rare historical documents and historical publications,
  • scientific and professional journals, daily press,
  • audiovisual documents and sound recordings,
  • teaching aids and games.

The Library obtains documents systematically in accordance with a Library Acquisition Plan by means of all acquisition methods: purchase, grants, University publication activities, exchange, and donations. Documents are professionally processed in accordance with international rules and standards in the library information system Advanced Rapid Library.

Documents are available for off-site and on-site loans in seven Library workplaces, documents acquired by purchase from financial resources of faculties, departments, and University workplaces are dislocated mostly at departmental libraries.

The List of periodicals, which is yearly up-dated, contains information on periodicals subscribed for the next year and the name of the reading room in which a specific document can be found. The Library takes several domestic and foreign journals registered in CCC - Current Contents Connect (marked brown in the list).

Electronic books acquired for permanent access and digitized learning materials in the Virtual Study Room are available in the Metropolitan network of MBU or via remote access (Virtual Private Network). Licensed electronic information resources, mostly subscribed foreign databases, are available for registered users.

The Library keeps and provides access to publications of scientific and pedagogical employees and final works of graduate students (bachelor, theses, and dissertations) of the Matej Bel University. Historical documents and prints are an integral part of library collections.

Online Catalogue serves as a tool for better orientation in library holdings and information resources. You can automatically search in the Catalogue of documents, i.e. documents intended for off-site and on-site loans. In the Bookmark Resources you can choose the database to browse. If you choose Union Catalogue, you can browse all databases simultaneously. The University Library creates these autonomous databases:

University Library of UMB