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Free access databases

journals, databases, encyclopedias, books, lexicons, portals

Anthropology, Biology

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online

The largest collection of  Darwin´s documents and about Darwin. Includes everything what Charles Darwin published his manuscripts and a detailed curriculum vitae (eng).

Biology Online

Source of information of the biology fro those who are interested in this science area. The portal is divided into 4 parts, which are different insight and approach to biology and everything related to it (eng).


Directory of websites that contain information about the biology (over 8000) (eng).


Web directory of general biology through cell and plant biology, microbiology, genetics and evolution to space biology and student projects (eng).



The database can search for experts in chemistry, according to chemical composition and physical properties. It contains links to other web sites (eng).

ChemIDplus Advanced

The database, which allows you to search more than 370 000 chemicals by various criteria (eg, molecular composition, toxicity, chemical and physical properties, etc.) from the workshop of the National Medical Library USA - Department of special information services (eng).

Organic Compounds Database

A database of organic compounds.


Forum Historiae

journal and portal for history and related social sciences

AMDOCS: Documents for the Study of American History

Full texts of documents that map the history of the United States since 1000 to the present (eng).

EuroDOCSIS: Online sources for European History

Selected transcriptions, facsimiles and translations of shedding light on key historical events in western Europe (from the Middle Ages) in the context of political, economic, social and cultural history (eng and others).

Defunct municipalities after 1945

Database deaths municipalities, villages, hamlets and objects of Bohemia and Moravia, especially in border areas after 1945. Information as a rich pictorial and cartographic material, links to other related sites and recommended reading (eng, ger).


Neue Mozart-Ausgabe

Portal within the project company Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum provides access to digitized text works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in order to make to the general public, for personal and educational purposes. Text documents are divided into 10 thematic sections (ger).

Classical Music Library

Classical Music Library is a database of music recordings of classical music, which is continuously replenished. It contains thousands of recordings that users can freely listen via the Internet. Each recording is accompanied by bibliographic information. We can find recordings from medieval music to today's modern music, from choral to the symphony, opera, etc. The individual works are available with a larger number of recordings by various bodies, students have the opportunity to compare the design.

Philosophy and religion

FILIT: open philosophical encyclopedia

The first Slovak philosophical encyclopedia, which contains documents to support study and research in philosophy from the philosophy, science, art and religion (svk).

Alphabetical encyclopedia of religion

Encyclopedia of religion workshop Carmelite publishing house, which is continuously updated with new information and passwords (cze).

Biographische-Bibliographisch Kirchenlexikon

Lexicon provides information about preachers, theologians, church dignitaries and other historical figures (ger).

Linguistics, literature and art dictionary of foreign words

Online dictionary of foreign words in Czech (cze).

Blackwell Publishing linguistics journals
11 titles of journals in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, language learning and artificial intelligence (eng).

SpellCheck Slovak language

Online version of  proofreader for Slovak language (svk).

Short Slovak Language Dictionary

Online version of the short dictionary of the Slovak language produced by Institute of linguistics Ľudovíta Štúra, Slovak academy of sciences (svk).

Online free dictionaries

The project aims to create a space for the production of online dictionaries with a free license (svk).

Slovak Language Dictionary

Electronic lexicon of Slovak language (SLEX99 product) based on a printed short dictionary of the Slovak language, from the year 1987 (svk).

ALO: Austrian Literature Online

Digital Library of the Austrian part, which contains digitized documents on the history and culture of Austria. The library is continually updated (ger).

Books online

A database of literary works that came before 1923 in the United States and are beautifully illustrated. The project aims to introduce talented works, public art of little-known illustrators of literature (eng).

Czech Literature Now

The texts of the current Czech authors translated into English (eng).

Czech reader

Project that provides full texts of works by Czech authors (cze).

Digital Bibiana

Information about literature and art for children and adolescents, especially in relation to the results of competitive examinations and other activities of Bibiana, International House of Art for children. Complete details of the award-winning authors and works for the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava, Slovakia's most beautiful books, the most beautiful and best children's books, the IBBY Honour List, along with video demonstrations. Database is part of the Album of Slovak illustrators, which is yet only a few profiles of authors, but more will be added gradually. The site includes a complete pdf archives Revue Bibiana, catalogs of the most beautiful books of Slovakia and working papers from symposia BIB. The database is still in test mode and part of the Biennial of Animation Bratislava will be added early next year. Biblioteka Maksim Mošková

Literary and technical texts, translations of world literature in Russian language (ru).

Ľudovit Štúr

Website focused on life and work of Ľudovít Štúr accompanied by documents and images (svk).

Project Gutenberg

The project makes available online digitized books that are freely available in the United States. Outside the U.S. are applied the copyrights (eng).

Project Gutenberg Europe

It is the successor of the American philosophy of Project Gutenberg. It focuses, however, to digitize European culture in line with European copyright (eng).

Project Gutenberg of Australia

Another follower of the Gutenberg thoughts. It aims to present the Australian culture, its American partner is Project Gutenberg (eng).

Project Runeberg

The project was created in 1992 and aims to digitize classic Scandinavian literature. Works are constantly replenished (eng, sve).

The Online Medieval and Classical Library

Reports of major literary works of classical and medieval literature (eng).

Golden Fund SME daily

The project of SME, SAS Institute of Slovak Literature, University Library in Bratislava and the Slovak National Library. The intention is to digitize and make available online the best works of Slovak literature, in order to popularize the Slovak literary tradition of its easy availability (svk).


The Czech Digital Mathematics Library

The system developed and operated by the Mathematical Institute of the AV ČR and other partners to digitize, preserve and access the most important part of mathematical literature published in the Czech from 19 century to the present.

European Digital Library of Mathematical

Zentralblatt MATH - ZBMATH Online Database

ZBMATH database contains about 2.9 million records from about 3500 journals and 1100 zbroníkov since 1826 to the present. Database edits the European Mathematical Society, FIZ Karlsruhe and the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences.

General and multidisciplinary

Allgemeine / Neue Deutsche Biographie

Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie one of the greatest historical and biographical dictionaries. Captures the prominent German language area of the sphere of arts and culture, science and medicine, law and policy. From 1875 to 1912, the Commission issued a historic Bavarian Academy of Sciences 56 volumes with more than 26,500 articles. Some records in the electronic German biography are linked to digitized version of the lexicon, the German biography - Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (ger).

Bentham Open

Bentham Open Publishing offers free access to more than 250 titles of scientific periodicals that cover the content of all the major disciplines of science, technology and medicine.

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

Project Libraries Lund University in Sweden from one place makes freely available technical and scientific journals, databases and its quality is constantly monitored. At present, it is more than 2,700 journal titles, of which 810 full texts available. Number of articles has already crossed the 134500 thematically journals are covering all disciplines and all languages. The service allows you to search by subject or by title of journal/article (eng).

European Union

European Union from A to Z (eng).

Google Books

Full text search in the books

Find a book that accurately reflects what you are looking for, and discover new ones that interest you.


Book Search works just like web search. Try searching through Google - Book Search service or When we find a book with such content, which appears to match your search terms, we'll show you in the search results link.  

Browse books online 

If the book is out of copyright, or if the publisher gave us the permission, you will be able to see a preview of the book and in some cases even the whole text. If the book is not copyrighted (ie if the "public"), you can download a copy in PDF format. Read more about the different views.

  Learn more - quickly 

We've created reference pages of each book, so you can quickly find all kinds of related information: reviews, web links, maps and more. See an example.

  Buy this book ... or borrow it from the library. 

If you find a book that you like, click on the "Buy this Book" and "Borrow this book" and see where you can buy or borrow.

   Where did these books come from? 
Currently, we use two ways to link readers to books: Partner Program and Library Project.

Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar provides a simple way broad search for scholarly literature. From one place you can search many disciplines and sources: peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles from academic publishers, professional societies, pre-press warehouses, universities and other scientific organizations. Google Scholar helps you identify the most relevant research in the world of scientific research.

Features of Google Scholar

Find a variety of resources from one place appropriate
Find papers, abstracts and citations
Find the full article through your library or on the Web
Further information on key documents in any field of research

How are articles ranked?
Google Scholar aims to sort articles the way researchers do it. Takes into account the entire text, author, publication in which it was published and article citations in a document other scholarly literature. Relevant results will always appear on the first page.

Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR)

(Register, open access repositories)

Purpose of the ROAR is to promote the development of open access by providing current information on the growth and state repositories worldwide. This inauguration access to research results to maximize research results and thus its impact and makes research more efficient and productive. Index registers more than 1,500 repositories of open access to documents stored in these repositories.


Scirus is a specialized search engine company Elsevier, which searches for scientific information freely available on the Internet. It covers over 480 million web pages containing technical information from various fields of science, technology and medicine. For instance, the site of universities, scientific and research organizations, site scientists, and conferences and the like. Scirus searches also reviewed articles from professional journals freely available, preprints, research and technical reports, patents from 5 patent offices and the largest overview of the different repositories. Can separate the information relevant to science and education from the current site. It offers a simple search or request may be specified and through advanced search.


Portal operated by the Nuclear Information Centre set up by the Brazilian National Nuclear Energy Office. Information in three languages - Portuguese, Spanish and English - is for simple search and direct access to freely available scientific journals, professional magazines, reports, papers, newsletters, newsletter on the Internet. By themes find titles multidisciplinary, the field of environmental sciences, biology, medicine and related disciplines, agriculture, the teachings of exact and earth sciences, engineering, applied social sciences, humanities, linguistics, literature and art (mul).

Law and legislation

Deutsches Rechtswörterbuch

Online version of the earlier German dictionary (West-Germanics) legal terminology (ger).

Electronic Journal of Laws

The database contains the Collection of Laws since 2001, Obchdoný Journal since 1996, newsletters and other legal professional printing (eng).


Free access to European Union legislation. Full texts of the EU's Official Journal, treaties, directives, regulations, legislative proposals in all official EU languages (mules).


Unified automated information system of law intended for the public to increase legal awareness of citizens. The database contains regulations issued in the Official Gazette since 1945, updated text of the laws, decrees and resolutions, texts of opinions and decisions of the Supreme Court since 1965 and also cited the Constitutional Court since the establishment of an independent Slovakia in 1993 (svk).

Collection of Laws

Collection contains copies of laws and international treaties Collections CR from 1945 to the present, and thus includes Czechoslovakia, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, Czechoslovakia (cze).

Joint Czech-Slovak Digital Parliamentary Library

The library contains documents of the Czech and Slovak Parliament. Under the Agreement on cooperation in creating and running a joint Czech-Slovak Digital Library of the Czech Republic and the Slovak National Council of 3 June 2002, the library in its final form contains electronic form of full texts of parliamentary prints (ie bills, including explanatory memoranda and resolutions), stenographing news (i.e. verbatim records of all meetings and votes) and other parlamentariums since 1848 to the present. The basic objective is to make all the available source material on the history of Bohemian assemblies (cze, svk).



database of multidimenstional tables showing indicators of economic and socio-economic development

Catalog of publications of the Statistical office of the Slovak republic

publications are available in online pdf format in slovak language